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Solar Pool Heating

The Sunstar product is separate / a non-Solahart product

SunStar’s solar pool heating system provides you more enjoyment in your pool, long after the summer has gone. By capturing the immense heating power of our greatest natural energy resource, the sun, SunStar’s leading-edge solar panel design lets you swim comfortably even during the cooler months.

  • Extends the swimming season by up to 4 months
  • Is tailor made to suit and fit any surface
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • Australian made and designed

Depending on individual conditions, such as the amount of sun, wind etc, your pool water temperature can rise by up to five to seven degrees with the addition of quality pool heating equipment. Not only can it increase the water temperature of the pool but it can also be used to assist the cooling process of the pool by running the system overnight. With the simple installation of a pump and the absorbant matting your swimming season can be extended as well as removing that instant chill when entering the water.

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How solar pool heating works

Using your existing pool pump, pool water is directed through a series of valves to your solar collectors. Pool water enters the solar collectors at the bottom and rises to the top through the individual tubes of the collector. As the water rises through the collector, it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy.

The water is then returned to the pool to repeat the cycle until your pool has been warmed by the sun.

Individual tube design significantly reduces wind load, certifying that SunStar collectors will withstand cyclone force winds!

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solar pool heating information

SunStar Pool Heater Collectors

Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene, SunStar Collectors are super tough and durable, providing trouble free solar heating for many years. SunStar Solar Heating can increase the time spent in the pool by an extra 3-5 months per year.

SunStar uses an over-molding process which produces a one piece header and riser,no seams or welds mean no stress fractures and therefore a product able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

SunEnergy Pool Heater Collectors

Up to 50% more effective than similar brand… Efficient heating for less!

Tailor made to any roof surface, with fully automatic digital controller included in the system for ease of operation.

This high quality product with a new design allows for 25% more sun exposure, a 98% heat exchanger means you can heat your pool faster and extend the swimming season even longer. Australian made and designed for tough Australian conditions.

Affordable solar pool heating

The SunStar system uses the sun’s energy to heat your pool. The sun’s heat is transferred into your pool by circulating pool water through the patented SunStar solar panel. In most cases, the pool’s existing pump is used to circulate the pool water through the SunStar panels. The water is continually circulated through the solar panels until the pool has attained the desired temperature.

Solahart Pool Heat Pumps

Solahart offers a range of high quality, energy efficient, Pool Heat Pumps to help extend your swimming season.

There are two ranges on offer, the Premium Accent Air series, designed and built in Australia and the Residential series, manufactured by Rheem USA. The systems are backed by Solahart warranties and we only use qualified installers.

Our Solahart experts will help select the best system to suit your needs.  They can also design an optimised Solar Power and Heat Pump package to save on your pool heating costs whist also reducing your total household energy costs.

Residential Pool Heat Pump

A Rheem heat pump can turn your backyard pool investment into resort style living year round. Get the most out of your pool by keeping it comfortable and open longer.

The Rheem heat pump is manufactured by our sister company Rheem USA. The unit is built to perform. It is of the highest quality, reflected by its high efficiency and ability to maintain strong output in cold conditions.

Residential Series – Features

  • Easy set pool and spa digital thermostat
  • 1 Ph and 3 Ph
  • Clearly superior low ambient performance
  • On board diagnostics
  • Power defrost
  • Spiralled Titanium heat exchanger giving maximum heat transfer
  • Extremely high COP’s
  • Delivers efficiencies in excess of 600%
  • Rheem’s exclusive Durasteel cabinet


Premium Pool Heat Pump

Rheem’s range of Accent heat pumps are designed and built in Australia. Favourites of the Australian industry, these same units are installed to major aquatic centres and specified where the highest quality of component, design and control is essential. These units can be customised to your specific needs.

Premium BB Series – Features

  • Twin Dual speed fans resulting in far less noise from air discharge
  • Marine grade Aluminium case with the option of colour matching
  • Large evaporator area maximising heat capture
  • Compressor housed in a seal compartment away from the air stream
  • Titanium spiralled heat exchanger
  • Ultra quiet high efficiency scroll compressor
  • Reverse cycle de ice
  • Hail resistant louvered coil guard
  • Tariff intelligent controller to minimise heating costs.


Premium Heat Pump Brochure

Residential Heat Pump Brochure

Intelligent Controller Brochure

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