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Solar Power Product Information

More details about the photovoltaic panels and inverters used in Solahart solar power installations for Queensland homes and businesses on the Sunshine Coast. When installing solar power on a home, office or warehouse we use high quality solar panels and mounting frames, inverters in all sizes, regulators, charge controllers and batteries.

There’ve been over 1 million solar systems installed on rooftops across Australia, from small domestic configurations through to huge commercial installs. Think about your electricity usage now and if it might change in the future. If you think it’s going to increase, you might want to choose a larger system.

Details of the inverters we recommend for both our 255W and 250W range are provided on the following pages along with the panel specifications.

Solahart Inverters

for 255W and 250W PV Panels

solar panels
Solar panels on factory roof on sunny day.