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Customer Video Testimonials

These testimonials are brought to you courtesy of Solahart Australia. We regularly receive glowing praise and thanks from our clients in the Sunshine Coast.

Australian household and business budgets have been feeling the strain of soaring electricity prices which have already increased by around 50% over the past five years and gas is predicted to rise considerably.

Switching to solar is your best option to significantly reduce your energy use. Solahart pioneered solar in Australia 60 years ago when we produced our very first solar water heater, since then we have helped over one million households around the world save on their energy bills.

solahart sunshine coast solar power and inverter example


Mary purchased a Solahart Solar Hot Water system to reduce here energy bills. In this video Mary talks about her experience with Solahart and how much she is now saving on her energy bill.

Bill and Julie

Bill and Julie purchased a Solahart Solar Hot Water system and PV (Electricity) combo for their home 12 months ago. In this video they talk about their motivations for ‘going solar’ and the savings they have achieved.