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Solahart Sunshine Coast – Local, experienced people backed by a trusted brand

If you have a home or business in Sunshine Coast and Caboolture get in touch with the team at Solahart Sunshine Coast for solar power and solar hot water.

We are a friendly, energetic, professional team who believe in providing a first class service experience to all of our customers.

Solarhart Sunshine Coast specialises in:

  • Replacement & installation a range of solar hot water and solar electricity systems/panels
  • Planning the most appropriate solar panel system to suit your needs and budget
  • Maintenance and repairs of existing solar panel systems

We strongly believe in providing our customers with not only a market leading product but also the best quality installation and service available, which is why all of our staff hold the relevant certificates and qualifications required.

solahart sunshine coast

A quick tour of the Solahart Sunshine Coast warehouse

Solahart hot water heaters and solar panels ready to install along with all the fittings and tools we need to setup your home or business with the most environmentally friendly power and water heating. If you are on the Sunshine Coast we would be delighted to speak with you about solar solutions.

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Supporting the community

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Energy; free from the sun by Solahart

We install only the highest quality solar panels and inverters which we have tested in Australian coastal conditions.

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Solahart – Australia’s Solar Pioneer

solahart sunshine coast

Solahart – a Proud History in Australia

Long before anyone had even heard of global warming and climate change, a pioneering plumbing supply company based in Perth decided that the sun was the best source available to heat water in Western Australian homes.

Solahart is a remarkable Australian business success story with a long history and well regarded around the world.

SW Hart & Co. had been in the plumbing business since 1901 but it was in 1953 that they pioneered solar hot water systems in Australia and Solahart was born.

Today Solahart has manufactured over one million solar hot water systems installed in 80 countries on every continent around the world.

As Australia’s solar pioneer we also offer a range of high performance solar power systems to help households and businesses reduce their energy bills and their impact on the environment.

Continuous Improvement in Solar Hot Water and Power

One of the keys to our success over the years has been the relentless pursuit of innovation. Our research capabilities and our solar testing laboratory are recognised internationally as Australia’s finest. We have developed a ‘Centre of Excellence’ approach for advanced technologies with an enviable Research & Development team across our manufacturing locations committed to developing the next generation of solar water heaters and assessing the latest solar energy technologies.

One thing is certain as we move forward to the future of solar – each generation of solar products we offer will be fundamentally better than the last and meet our own stringent standards of quality and performance.

Since 2001, Solahart has been part of Paloma Co. Ltd., an international leader in solar water heating and space heating. Paloma has fostered the pioneering spirit that built Solahart in the 20th century and has added the corporate strength of a leading global company to enable Solahart to grow even further in the 21st century.

If you are getting solar hot water for your home look no further than Solahart.

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