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Pricing for Solar Power and/or Solar Hot Water

Installing a solar power system is a great way to save money and the environment. For safety reasons, the inverter will only operate when the mains electrical supply is available from the grid. A standard PV System without battery storage cannot provide a backup electricity supply to your home appliances if the mains supply is interrupted.

What is the price for solar hot water and/or solar power?

The cost of a solar power system depends on various factors including the number of panels, the size of the inverter, the number of storeys on your home & your location.

The following is a typical small solar pv installation cost


System Size

1.5kw solar power (PV) system

Model Number PVH1500A20
Retail Price (excl. installation) $3,799
Less STC* government incentives -$1,116
Excludes installation^, after STC* Govt. incentives $2,683

NOTE: *STC government incentives are based on $36 per STC (zone 3) and subject to change. ^Installation prices vary depending on a number of factors – a site visit will confirm this. Price example above is inclusive of GST and excludes installation.

Young technician installing solar panels on factory roof